2020 A Selection of Works, Gross McCleaf Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2019 Chance Encounter, InLiquid@Park Towne Place, Philadelphia, PSA
2019 Annual Juried Exhibition, William Way, Philadelphia, PA
2019 Stonewall @ 50, Drexal University, Philadelphia, PA
2017 Northern Exposure, Inspired by Iceland, Gallery 1315, Phila, PA
2016 Solo Series, Abington Art Center, Abington, PA
2015 Oberfläche, Two Artist Show,  Galerie Göttlicher, Krems, Austria
2014 Abeyance, 110 Chruch Gallery, Two Artist Show, Phila, PA
2013 Against The Odds, A tribute to Sande Webster Gallery, Lawrence Gallery, Rosemont, PA
2012 Abstractions, Perkins Center for the Arts, Collinswood, NJ
2010-11 Art House Co-op, Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn NY
2010 Sande Webster Gallery, Continuum, Two Artist Show, Phila, PA
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2010 Firehouse, Two Artist Show, Del Rio, TX
2010 Lyman Eyer Gallery, Provincetown, MA, Two Artist Show
2009 Adrian J. Falcon Gallery, Two Artist Show, Del Rio, TX
2008 Artforte, Group Show, Seattle, WA
2007 Perkins Center for the Arts, Pink at Perkins, Collingswood, NJ
2007 Sande Webster Gallery, Pause, Two Artist Show, Phila, PA
2007 Out Loud and Proud, William Way Community Center, Invitational Group Show, Phila PA
1998-06 U.S. Artist Show, Sande Webster Gallery, Phila. PA
2005 Adrian J. Falcon Gallery, Two Artist Show, Del Rio, TX
2005 Sande Webster Gallery, Layers & Undercurrents, Two Artist Show, Phila, PA
2005 Vox Populi, Solo show, Phila. PA
2003 Sande Webster Gallery, Pigment and Paste, Two Artist Show, Phila, PA
2003 Vox Populi, Solo show, Phila. PA
2002 Sande Webster Gallery, Surfaces and Subsurfaces, Two Artist Show, Phila, PA
2001 Vox Populi, Not Yet Housebroken, Group show, Phila PA
2001 Vox Populi, Solo show, Phila. PA
2000 Black, White and Gray, Sande Webster Gallery, Phila. PA
1999 Vox Populi, Landscape Show, Phila. PA
1999 Vox Populi, He She It, Three Artist Show. Phila. PA
1999 Borowsky Gallery, Primary Colors, Curated show Phila. PA
1998 Vox Populi at ICA, Group Show
1998 Vox Populi at Chester Springs Studio's, Group Show
1996 Wesleyan College, West Virginia, Color Coded ,curated 4 Person Show
1995 May Fair, Allentown PA
1995 Vox Populi, Three Artist Show, Phila. PA
1994 Sixth Juried Painting Exhibition, The Baum School of Art, Allentown, PA
1994 Vox Populi, Three Artist Show, Phila. PA
1994 Mosaic, Corestates Development Center, Phila. PA
1993 Paper Prayers, Sande Webster Gallery and Gallery at APF, Phila. PA
1993 GALA Visual Arts Group Show, Vox Populi, Phila. PA
1993 Parlor of the Turn-of-the-Millenium Collector, Venue, Phila. PA
1993 A Collective Voice, Selections from Vox Populi, The Temple Gallery, Phila. PA
1993 Vox Populi, Three Artist Show, Phila, PA
1992 Vox Populi at the Community Education Center, Phila. PA
1992 GALA Visual Arts, Group Show, Zone One Gallery, Phila. PA
1992 Vox Populi at the CEC, Phila. Pa
1992 Brian + Keith, Stonewall, Allentown, PA
1991-93 Works of Heart, Aids Task Force Invitational, Phila, PA
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1990 Art at the Armory, Group Show, Phila, PA
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1988 Present Member Show, Vox Populi, Phila, PA
1987 Artist Fighting Aids, Phila, PA


Teknion, New York, NY
Mr. + Mrs. Douglas Rosenthal, Washington, D.C.
Mr. Marcia Fisch, Cherry Hill, NJ
Global Industries, Vorhees, NJ
Federal Reserve Bank, Philadelphia, PA
Martex Corp. Philadephia, PA

Adrian J. Falcon Gallery, Del Rio, TX
Art At Greenhill, Philadelphia, PA 
Artforte, Seattle, WA
Art + Artisans, Austin + Houston, TX
Lyman-Eyer Gallery, Provincetown, MA

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1981-84 The Barnstone Studios
The David Victor Building
Second and Chestnut St.
Coplay PA 18037
Open studio instruction. Philosophy program based on the
Golden Section and Fletcher Color Theory. Also conducted
a personal study of perspective and architectural rendering.

1978-80 Ms. Marion Pinto
100 Wooster st.
New York, NY 10012
Apprenticeship. Studied her Photo Realistic approach to painting worked directly with the
artist on her pieces.

1976-78 Kutztown State College
Kutztown, PA 19530
Advertising Art minored in Drawing and Painting

1970-72 Northampton Community College
Butztown Rd.
Bethlehem, PA 18017
Advertising art.

Keith Breitfeller makes quiet paintings; works that lure you with their whispers of serenity. Everyone loves a good mystery and these do a good job of keeping their secrets.
-Adeaner, tackad
Keith R. Breitfeller was raised in Catasauqua, a small town in eastern Pennsylvania, in 1952. Keith had a hunger to explore beyond the boundaries of this little hamlet. He proceeded to attend Kutztown college, studied with New York Artist, Marion Pinto. The keystone of his methods was acquired at the Barnstone Studio, a renaissance type Master and Apprentice program.  The heavy emphasis on the Golden Section and color theory continues to inform his work.
Residing in Philadelphia, Keith has exhibited locally for 30 years with solo exhibits at Vox Populi, Sande Webster Gallery, Abington Art Center and Perkin’s Center for the Arts. Outside of the region he has shown in Texas, Tennessee, Massachusetts and in Austria. His work is included in many private and corporate collections in Athens, London, Dubai and throughout the Northeast. The last few years he has completed a number of commissions.
Keith’s work has been influenced by the impressionist , modernist and pointillist. He uses figure to ground relationships to deliberately confuse the subject matter, allowing the viewer to find themselves in the artwork. The use of small individual brush strokes and the placement of one color against the next, gives an ever changing color palette to the piece. His aim is to provide a place of peace and contemplation to the viewer.