Artist Statement

The beauty of texture and color.

The theme of my painting has been a search for stillness, a form of mediative calm. Painting is my escape from a world of too much noise and information. It’s a way to step away from those inner dialogues that keep us from being truly calm. My Paintings contain no objects, nor do they represent things or places. They are flat two dimensional works. They do not mirror the world but provide a porthole for escape. This series of painting reflects my continuing fascination with color. Softer pigments and stronger under paintings with movement are the focus of this series, forcing the viewer to go a step deeper into the work. The goal of my work is to provide a sense of peacefulness and a meditation to the viewer. Thus creating a separate space as an oasis away from the complexities of modern living where one can reflect on what is essential.

— Keith R. Breitfeller regarding Pale Hues Series, 2010